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Dance Classes and Rates

Mini Program (Ages 3-6 years old)

3-4 years olds

Tap:  Will learn basic tap steps.  Toes, heels, shuffles, flaps and ball changes.  Working with rhythm and musicality.
Ballet:  Will begin basic ballet movements.  Stretching, tondues, plies, releves, and basic ballet positions.

5-6 years olds

Tap: Continue work on basic tap steps and add shuffle combinations, buffalos and introduce single time steps.
Ballet: Continue work on basic ballet steps and add chainne turns, piques, chasses, and introduce basic leaps.

Mini Program Class Prices
Mini I (3-4 y.o.)$55.00
Mini II (5-6 y.o.)$55.00

Tap / Jazz Combo Classes

1st-2nd Grade
Tap: flaps, shuffle combinations, buffalos, basic time steps
Jazz: proper alignment, basic turning and leap principles, flexibility, progressions

3rd-5th Grade  Continuation of Tap/Jazz I while working towards advancing skills.
Tap: steps begin to quicken at this level, more advanced time steps, pullbacks, wings, and maxiford turns are introduced, work on clarity of steps
Jazz: continue working on flexibility, alignment, and turns; chainne turns introduced; a higher understanding of leaps

6th Grade+ – Intermediate/Advanced Level (4+ years tap/jazz experience)
Tap: continue work on pullbacks, wings, and maxiford turns, adding variations of these steps, syncopated rhythms introduced
Jazz: emphasis on multiple turns; introduction of more advanced leaps

Tap / Jazz Class Prices
1st-2nd Grade Tap/Jazz, 3rd-5th Grade Tap/Jazz, 6th grade+ Tap/Jazz$60.00

Lyrical Classes

7-10 Year Olds & 11&up Classes
Combination of ballet and jazz technique performed to contemporary music; emotion and storytelling are an integral part of this dance style.

Lyrical Class Prices
7-10 Year Old Lyrical, 11+ Lyrical$55.00
Lyrical as an additional class$50.00

Hip Hop Classes

Hip hop dance is a combination of street dance and jazz funk performed to hip hop music, with emphasis on commercial hip hop.  This fun, energetic class is always a big hit!

5-6 Year Olds, 7-10 Year Olds, 11&up

Hip Hop Class Prices
5-6 Year Old Hip Hop$25.00
7-10 Year Old Hip Hop, 11+ Hip Hop$55.00
Hip Hop as an additional class$50.00

Technique Class

This class focuses on proper technique for turns, jumps and leaps.  Progressions are done across the floor along with center floor work and improv.  While this class is mandatory for all competition students, it is a great option for any dancer looking to work on their technique and improvisational skills.

Technique Class Prices
Technique Drop-in$15.00

Strength & Stretch Class

The focus of this class is to improve strength and endurance while also learning proper technique to minimize the risk of injury.  While this class is mandatory for competitive students it is also a fun class that will benefit anyone looking to improve as a dancer.

Strength & Stretch Class Prices
Strength & Stretch$50.00
Strength & Stretch Drop-In$15.00